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Why Did My Vehicle Stall In The Middle Of Traffic?

Why Did My Vehicle Stall In The Middle Of Traffic?

Embarased. Frustration. Anger. 

These are just a few of the feelings you may experience if you’ve ever been in the situation of having your vehicle dying in the middle of traffic. If you’ve never had this happen, you should count yourself lucky. 

There actually may be several reasons why your vehicle dies in the middle of traffic, we can look at just a few. 

  1. Battery – if you’ve experienced power issues with your battery lately or had to have your car or truck jump started recently, it could be a battery issue if you chose not to replace it. 
  2. Alternator – The Alternator in your car helps supply electrical power to various parts. The battery starts the car, but the alternator is responsible for helping to keep things running, including charging the battery and if your alternator has gone bad, things can get pretty dicey. There is power that supplies not just your radio, but also your speedometer, heating/air conditioning.
  3. Running Out of Gas – Sometimes your gas meter isn’t working, or you just plain forgot to fill up or thought you could make it to the next gas station, or the other gas station down the street that’s just a tad bit cheaper. This happens all the time, and Limitless Towing will be happy to supply you with a fuel delivery. 
  4. Fuel Pump – If there is something clogging the fuel pump or a filter on the car, the car can die while driving. There are three common particles that can enter the gas tank and feed the in-tank fuel filter and possibly the fuel pump with rust, debris, and dirt.
  5. Malfunctioning sensors. Modern cars have computers, and its sensors can transmit incorrect information. If it’s a computer issue, you’ll need to take it directly to the dealer to see if they can solve the problem. We’d be happy to tow your vehicle for you, to the dealer. 

This is never a good situation to be in because you could end up in an accident – especially if your vehicle dies in the middle of an intersection. While driving, this can be dangerous. We’ll be there to help you get you to where you need to go. Not how you expected to get there, but sometimes life has detours we must all deal with. Call Limitless Towing at 847-851-4400 for all your roadside assistance needs.


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