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Tips for New Drivers in 2023

Tips for New Drivers in 2023

Having a new driver in the family can be somewhat stressful. Their lack of experience behind the wheel can be unnerving, especially when they are behind a 4,000 lbs car or a 6,000 lbs SUV. We have come up with some tips for the new drivers in your household that they should be aware of. 

Safety Tips for New Drivers
  1. Be Familiar With Your Vehicle. Know where the buttons, knobs, and dials are and what they do. Finding the windshield wipers when it’s raining is critical for new drivers because they need to be able to see when it begins to rain or snow. 
  2. Be Prepared For Anything. New drivers don’t have the experience to watch out for other drivers, and what they may or may not do. Some tips here are don’t follow too closely behind other vehicles, that doesn’t allow you enough time to stop in case there is trouble ahead. 
  3. Eliminate Any Distractions. Youth these days are always on their devices, so it’s essential for them to put down those objects and focus on the road and other vehicles around them. They’ll also want to focus on the road and not on their passengers. 
  4. Start Small and Build Your Confidence. Most new drivers won’t take a long road trip to gain the experience they need. The best advice we can give to new drivers is to start small, but drive in a variety of conditions, and don’t forget to have them practice driving at night.

When You Need Help

Limitless Towing will be there if your new driver has an issue. Our team of professionals is always ready for any tow service day or night. We have the lowest prices in the area with no extra fees or charges ever. Our team is trained & certified to perform any towing service no matter the time of the day. Be sure to check out the Areas We Serve to find out where we will go. Have them save this number in their phone: 847-851-4400 in case of emergency, and we’ll be there to help them.