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Top Data For Car Accidents in 2021

Top Data For Car Accidents in 2021

As of 2021: Approximately 810 traffic crashes occur per day.

Each year the Illinois DOT makes a traffic report about accidents, fetalities and injuries in the state. If one were to dive into this report you would find all kinds of fascinating data and analytics of how traffic is looked at in Illinois.

What About Chicagoland?

Cook County had a reported number of 156,289 crashes and 29,409 injuries in 2021. While DuPage County reported 15,442 crashes and 3,559 injuries. Lake County had 11,174 accidents, and 2,764 injuries while Kane County had 9,380 and 2,324 injuries in 2021. Other counties we serve such as Dekalb and McHenry Counties had less incidents 1,523 and 3,974, respectfully.

It’s All Those Semi’s Driving Through…

In 2021, there were 11,178 tractor-trailer crashes in Illinois. Total crashes involving tractor-trailers account for 3.8%. That’s not a huge amount, although we probably did help with some of those, the report clearly stated that the most accidents occured with passenger style vehicles (66%) – not SUVs, Vans, Pickup Trucks or even Semis or Busses.

The State As A Whole

Illinois had a total of 295,604 crashes. The number of injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes in Illinois was 85,398; our coverage area covers 38,000 of those. Our focus is on basic injuries and not what the state calls A-injuries which are incapacitating or including deaths in any of the data we looked at here.

Type of Accidents

It is most common for incidents to take place in a Front-to-Rear style accident that results in 14,356 injuries across the entire state of Illinois. The second way accidents happen is upon turning with 12,816 injuries.

Location, Location

The top location of accidents is defined as Other Principal Arterial/Toll while the second location is Minor Arterial/Toll roads. 65.57% of all injury crashes occurred on urban roads. But this generally happens anywhere, less people, less accidents; more people, more accidents.

Date & Time Matter

The most common time of having an accident on the 2021 roadways was Fridays between the time of 12-3:59 p.m. in the area we serve. Maybe these people were rushing to get home early on a Friday afternoon after work? Who knows.

The Cost

The total estimated cost of crashes in Illinois for 2021 was $6.7 billion. If you are ever in an accident, be sure to save our number in your phone: 847-851-4400 and call Limitless Towing if you need assistance. We are available 24/7 and we’ll be glad to help you out if you are ever in an accident.

References: https://idot.illinois.gov/Assets/uploads/files/Transportation-System/Resources/Safety/Crash-Reports/crash-facts/2021-Crash-Facts.pdf


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