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Tips for Traveling Safely in the Fall

Tips for Traveling Safely in the Fall

The kids are back in school, which means cooler temperatures are right around the corner. We love the fall leaves – unless they are wet, warm sweaters, and of course the feel of the heated seats when we get into our car on a cool crisp morning.

Here are some other things to consider this fall:

  • Did you know that wet fall leaves during cold weather could make it more difficult for your tires to maintain grip? 
  • How about as colder weather settles in, it makes your windshield more defenseless against cracks? 
  • Have you checked your battery? Look for signs of corrosion, and maybe take a note of how old it is, batteries usually last about 3-4 years, if they are taken care of. 
  • Check your heat. Since you’ve been running the air conditioner all summer long, be sure to make sure that the heat still works! Driving around with your windshield fogged up is a very dangerous spot to be in, once the weather turns cooler. 
  • Double-check your supplies in the trunk of your car, some things you may want to consider carrying on a regular basis: ice scraper, blanket, first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight, and gloves. 
  • Now is a great time to check your lights, and do a test of all the lights around your vehicle: headlights, blinkers, brakes lights, tail lights, and your hazard lights. Make sure they are all working as they should. Enlist a little help from a friend or family member, if you need to for this. 
  • Check all your fluids – oil is crucial for any vehicle to run, but you’ll also need to check transmission fluids, coolant, power steering, brake fluid, and even windshield fluids. All these fluids make your vehicle run the best way possible and keep you going down the road, safely!

So while the leaves may look pretty, your tires don’t really like them when they are wet, and while we enjoy a warm sweater, your car still needs to be filled with liquids in order to run properly. These are just a few things you can do in order to make your travels safe, even if you are just driving across town. For longer road trips, we recommend doing an extensive check of your vehicle – including checking the air pressure in your tires.

Road trips can be memorable, or they can turn out to be pretty frustrating, but make sure you are prepared.

As always, we are open 24 hours and you can book a tow with us by calling 847-851-4400.


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