Open 24 Hours

Open 24 Hours
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Roadside Assistance – Tools we have!

Roadside Assistance – Tools we have!

We don’t just offer towing services for our customers, we also have other tools in our Roadside Assistance trucks.

  • We offer Battery Testing – to find out if the battery of your vehicle is dead or just needs to charge, and battery replacement if your battery is in need of being replaced. 
  • We also offer Lock Out Services – because sometimes you do get locked out and you don’t want to cause damage to your vehicle – nor do you have the time to clean that mess up! We’ll do it, without making a mess and we’ll be able to get you back into your vehicle and on the road once again. 
  • Fuel Delivery – meaning you need gas! We’ll bring you a few gallons to get you on the road again as quickly as possible. 
  • We also offer Tire Change services – meaning even if you don’t have a handy jack or know how to use it, we’ll bring a jack or vehicle lifter to your location to help get you on the road.

You’ll be getting the best service possible, with drivers arriving within 15 minutes of your call. They’ll work quickly and safely to get your car back on the road, day or night. Make Limitless Towing your first call. Our team of certified roadside assistance operators are ready at all times to assist you.

We are open 24 hours, and you can call us at 847-851-4400 or email us limitlesstowingservices@gmail.com for assistance. We are your local tow truck company, so we’ll be there for you tonight day or night.


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