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Open 24 Hours
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More Great Reviews

More Great Reviews

“Being broken down is always stressful. But Limitless made it so much better than many previous Towing companies. The initial phone call was pleasant, the truck arrived quickly, the driver was friendly helpful, and courteous. 100% recommended”

Steer M.

Our customers are loyal and even if they come from out of state – and they do – they are appreciative of our efforts. We’ve compiled a few great reviews over the past year and we are thankful for our customers who called us and we were able to help them out in a stressful situation on the side of the road – or anywhere. 

“Great service and very helpful. I was stuck in a parking lot, my car wouldn’t start. Called my insurance and they were sending service but after a 90 min wait, and two reschedules, i canceled. I then called Limitless Towing and they were there in 10 minutes!”


“Picked up the phone on (July) 4th. Responded immediately to a stranded car on I-90. Provided driver’s name and number. Texted updates from the shop and driver and showed up ahead of the time promised. Love the communication and responsiveness.”

Lynn L. 

“Great service!! My Honda unfortunately went out and the clutch pedal was sticking to the floor. Called Limitless and they showed up in 25 minutes from West Dundee to Streamwood. The price was the cheapest I’ve seen for towing the car 6 miles. I 100% recommend”

Beagle 2. 

“On the absolute coldest day of the year, I got my car stuck in a ditch outside my house. After trying to be a superhero and get it out myself I realized I had no business trying and these dudes showed up. Fair priced up front (which I know bc I used to be in the business) and had me out in 10 minutes. These are the guys to call.”

Charlie H. 

“Can’t tell you how many times these guys have come to the rescue for me or people I know. Amazing. Prompt too.” 


“Highly Recommend this towing company. Fast and reasonable.”

Shantelle M. 

So if you are stuck in a ditch in the middle of a snowstorm, on the side of the road, or even in a parking lot, call Limitless Towing for all your towing needs. Need to book a tow? You can do that too, by calling our phone number: 1-847-851-4400

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