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How Long Does A Tire Change Take?

How Long Does A Tire Change Take?

Our drivers are professionally trained and available at all times, 24/7. With our 15 minute ETA, our drivers will handle your car with care and will make sure to get you back on the road in no time. You can count on us to deliver a quality service at an affordable rate.

If you’ve never done a tire change before, it could take awhile. If you don’t have anyone guiding you on the steps to do this, then it will take longer. YouTube is helpful for finding someone to teach you, if you don’t know anyone who knows how to do this. Obviously, we think everyone should learn how to change a tire.

Basic Steps To Help Us

If you call us and you don’t know where your spare tire is located or if you even have one, we’ll appreciate it, if when we arrive you have already located your space tire and gotten it out of the vehicle. If it’s to heavy, that’s okay – as long as you have located it and cleared your personal items away from it, so it can easily be lifted out by one of our drivers.

Where Should I Look?

Some places to look for your space tire:

  • Inside Your trunk – there maybe carpet and a wood panel type board over it.
  • Underneath your vehicle – SUVs, pick up trucks and other vehicles have it not inside the trunk, but underneath the body of your vehicle, usually in the back and in front of the trailer hitch or bumper.

Other Tools

We’ll come with all the tools we need to change your tire, but if you find yourself waiting and don’t want to scroll social media in the meantime, you can get out your lug wrench and loosen those lug nuts. Some of them maybe extremely tight, and if you can’t get one or two, we’ll bring our tools out once we get there to be able to get them all off.

If you see a car jack, you can get that out as well, the lug wrench may actually be stored with this in the trunk of your vehicle. But we usually come with something a bit heavier and quicker than the ones that are stored in the back of most cars.

When to Call For Help

  • Check your environment before getting out of the car to ensure your safety. Don’t risk your safety by changing a tire in an unsafe area, or if you cannot leave the car without walking into traffic safely. 
  • Harsh weather makes the job more challenging. Whether it’s pouring rain, cascading snow, or blazing heat, there might be unsuitable conditions. Consider calling a tow truck if your safety or health are at risk.
  • Take into account the road conditions before pulling over. In situations where traffic is heavy or fast, roads are narrow, or you aren’t sure what the road is like, it may be easier to hire a professional service.

If you’re required to replace your tire or don’t have a spare, we can tow you to your tire shop or to a nearby tire center to get your car fixed and get you back on the road. Call Limitless Towing at 847-851-4400. We should have you back on the road in no time, with our experience, and our tools.


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