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Dangerous Intersections

Dangerous Intersections

Everyone knows someone who has been in a serious accident, or heard about it later. We also know of a location that someone has lost their life due to a dangerous intersection. While most intersections aren’t automatically dangerous, there are a few things that play into these, here’s a few that we found:

  • most likely to be at the crossing of a secondary road (a highway) and a local road
  • disproportionately located in a rural area
  • very rare — only .01 percent of all intersections
  • Unclear directions for turning
  • Traffic signals that do not work or are not properly timed for heavy traffic
  • Poor lighting
  • Poorly marked crosswalks
  • No bicycle lanes in some areas
  • Regular construction or urban planning projects

Travel Smarter

You also know how to get around these intersections, when you have time. But if you are short on time, you may take that route – being extra aware of when approaching that particular point in your travels. Over the years we’ve had to haul vehicles in various states from these intersections and we aren’t going to list any here – but you know the ones. 

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips for going through these at an inopportune time:

  • Avoid these intersections at the busiest times / rush hour
  • If possible find an alternate route
  • Stay off your electronic devices when you are driving – for your safety and the safety of others – or use a hands free device unit
  • Be aware of what traffic is doing around you
  • If you miss your turn, go around the block and circle back to see if you can make it the second time, rather than cutting across 2 or 3 lanes of traffic.
  • If you are unaware of traffic ahead, use a map app for traffic updates around you – using a hands free device unit
  • Make sure you turn on your lights if you’re traveling at night, in rain or fog

How We Can Help

If you are ever in an accident, fender bender or need assistance with your vehicle call Limitless Towing at 847-851-4400. Our skilled dispatch will make calling hassle-free, and will work with you to give you the best service possible. We prioritize you at all times and take great pride in delivering affordable and quality towing services and roadside assistance.