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Efficient Removal: How We Handled a Last-Minute Cardboard Baler Relocation for HomeGoods

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Efficient Removal: How We Handled a Last-Minute Cardboard Baler Relocation for HomeGoods

When a local HomeGoods store decided to relocate from South Barrington, IL, to Hoffman Estates, the transition involved more than just moving inventory. Among the heaviest challenges was a 4700-pound cardboard baler relocation, critical for the store’s daily operations. The task? To remove the baler from a tight spot within the old location — and time was of the essence.

The Call and the Challenge

We received a last-minute call with a clear, tight deadline: the store had only two days left to clear out the remaining equipment. Understanding the urgency of the situation, our team quickly coordinated a plan to tackle this hefty task efficiently.


Mobilizing the Right Equipment

Given the weight of the baler and the confined space it was located in, standard equipment wouldn’t suffice. We dispatched two flatbed tow trucks and a small forklift specially chosen for its ability to maneuver in tight spaces. The compact size of the forklift was crucial, allowing us to navigate and operate within the limited area where the baler was installed.


Swift Execution

Time was not on our side, but our experienced team was up for the challenge. Just three hours after the initial call, we had successfully extracted the baler from its tricky location. The precision and efficiency of our team during the operation ensured that the baler was not only removed without damage to its surroundings but was also securely loaded onto our flatbed tow truck for transportation.

Safe Storage and Transportation

Once removed, the baler was transported to our storage facility, where it was kept safe and secure for four days until a flatbed transporter arrived for its final journey to the new store location in Hoffman Estates. This step was crucial, as it ensured the baler remained in top condition and ready for immediate deployment upon arrival at its new home.



This operation is a testament to the importance of responsiveness, the right tools for the job, and expert execution in industrial removal tasks. At our company, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of businesses, especially when they’re under the gun to clear out and relocate heavy machinery quickly. For HomeGoods, the successful relocation of their essential equipment meant minimal downtime and a smoother transition to their new store location.

Whether it’s moving heavy machinery or providing expert tow and storage services, we’re here to help businesses tackle big transitions smoothly and efficiently. If you find yourself in a similar situation, needing quick and careful removal of heavy equipment, remember — a well-equipped and experienced team makes all the difference!

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